Wandering DMs: Dan in Peru

I started a new series on the Wandering DMs YouTube channel this week; specifically, yours truly wandering about parts of Peru (some old, some very old) and making various DM rulings on what I find. This week's question: Are doors in by-the-book D&D reasonable, or totally crazy?

Our plan is to have a new one of these up alternate Sunday afternoons (dates when we don't have a livecast conversation), so if you're informed and/or/xor entertained by that, please do subscribe over on YouTube, so I can get in your face like that promptly.


  1. How long are you going to be in Peru?

    1. Thanks for asking! This was actually for about 10 days back in the start of January. Honestly, I got so many amazing photos I'm kind of overwhelmed with what to do with all of them. For this particular series, I've got about 8 videos total I'm planning to edit and release like this. My partner Isabelle (videographer here) planned the whole thing, so amazing.

    2. Cool...looking forward to seeing it. When I travel to new ancient places (I've traveled a lot in Latin America) I tend to look at things from a gaming perspective, too. It's nice to see someone geeking out in the same way.
      : )

    3. Great minds think alike. :-) I thought that would be a fun take on things, and it is!