Spells Through The Ages – Names Redux

For a number of weeks henceforth, I'm planning to go on a jog of new "Spells Through the Ages" posts. Are you ready? (See sidebar to search for prior posts in the series.) Let's start here: Previously I compiled a listing of all the changes to spell names in the core D&D wizard list over the years (treating the OD&D Vol-1 and Sup-I spells as the core; link). At the time, though, I didn't include the spell listings in the Moldvay/Cook Basic/Expert (B/X) rules sets. Actually, I hadn't procured digital copies of those rules until just a few weeks ago; now I'll have a much easier time including them in our historical assessments. Here's the new list (highlighting indicates a name change; click to full-size; or see PDF version, link). More to come later.


  1. I was trying to work out what spells are not in B/X because I still prefer B/X as my base rule set. This is a huge help, so thank you!

    1. Oh, cool! I've got a post coming on that subject itself, but it's several weeks away. Obviously the dashes in the list above are spells missing from that edition.

      In short: B/X is often the same as the LBBs, but at low levels Moldvay takes some from Sup-I, so as to round the numbers out to 12 each: (1st) magic missile, shield, ventriloquism, and from AD&D floating disc; (2nd) web, mirror image. At higher levels, Cook leaves out all the Sup-I spells, plus a few other LBB cuts.

    2. Note: All the B/X spells are included in my list above with the exception of floating disc at 1st level (because it wasn't in any OD&D book). One can confirm that by counting the 12 spells in all the other levels.

  2. Like all of your pdfs -- this is immensely useful and informative! Thanks, man.