On Collaborations

You should probably read Zak S's Monday post over at "Playing D&D With Porn Stars", or else there's some significant chance that I will come and burn your house down.

(You can skip the comments if you want.)


  1. And this man teaches statistics for a living, so when he says there's a "significant chance", he knows just how significant a chance that is.

  2. I don't read that site. What's the subject matter of the post?

  3. The same to you, sir, and more of it!

  4. @JB
    And here I was gonna name my first child B.X. Blackrazor.

    Oh well.

  5. Hey JB -- Good vs. Bad Collaborative Creativity, as experienced by those in creative jobs. An argument that music & movies are the rare industries that have tapped the good side of this, in that each worker has a specified domain of self-authority. An extended metaphor of the roles in a typical rock band. Implications for RPG play and whether explicit player "narrative control" mechanics are truly necessary.

  6. @ Delta: Thanks!

    @ ZakS: Perhaps I should have said, "I don't read the site regularly."

    That being said "B.X. Blackrazor" is a terrible name for a child. Maybe a good screen name for a porn star, though!
    ; )