Marvel Ragnarok's Aftermath

So I've also been on a bit of a Marvel Super Heroes kick for a few weeks. I hit Midtown Comics here in Manhattan last week and picked up a few copies of Marvel Essentials: Thor (black & white, original Jack Kirby stuff), and have been reading through them with great pleasure. In the Journey Into Mystery comic (prior to it getting renamed to The Mighty Thor), there was a backup feature called "Tales of Asgard". One multi-issue storyline therein featured a lengthy prophecy/foresight of Ragnarok and its ultimate climax. In issue #128, this comes to a final conclusion, with Surtur incinerating all the worlds, and then finally this: Which I think is pretty interesting. This was published by Marvel in 1966, some 5 years before Kirby produced the "New Gods" with DC Comics in 1971 (whose backstory includes older gods being destroyed by Ragnarok, millennia in the past).


  1. I believe that the New Gods DID start off as proposal to Stan that Jack made as a way to revamp Thor. Its interesting that the idea had clearly been rolling around in his head for a while!

  2. I've heard that Kirby was withholding his new creations during his later years at Marvel due to various disputes about royalties and creator credit (not to mention the return of his art pages). And there is a good few years where Fantastic Four was devoid of new Kirby creations. It's not at all surprising that the New Gods were already rolling around in Kirby's brain in the mid-to-late 1960s.

  3. Where can we find the panel where Kirby shows a winged helmet in the New Gods implying that it was Thor and the Asgardians who have died in Ragnarok?

    1. Ooh, I don't know! I'm such a Marvel zombie I can't say I've read the New Gods. Great to hear that!