Monday, April 6, 2020

Book of War 2nd Edition Draft Rules

Saturday night Isabelle & I streamed our first episode of wargaming from our house with the Book of War 2nd Edition rules, via the Wandering DMs channel. It was really a blast! I was so jazzed afterward that I almost watched the whole thing over again twice. :-) It's pretty neat to get to share what our normal back-and-forth chemistry is with other people.

Peter Conrad had the bright idea on YouTube to post the brief Player Aid Card that we were using in this episode, so here it is below. This is pretty tentative (I guess it always feels that way), and I was still tweaking and balancing prices in the afternoon running up to our playtest. Part of the goal for the 2nd Edition is to massage some rules in ways that make the basic game play a bit truer to historical reality, as we understand it. What I've been finding is that this accidentally makes some rules actually simpler. Of course, the core of the system meshes directly with classic D&D as it always did, and you can pretty much immediately convert stock D&D monsters into a Book of War game as we always have (pricing, of course, being the hard part... more CPU cycles to come on that).


  1. Very cool. Transitioning between character-scale and army-scale is something that's never felt smooth to me in the past, but I'll keep your BOW in mind for the next time I have that come up.

    What would you say are the main highlights of changes for the 2nd Edition? I know you mentioned the minimum unit size on the stream, which sounds good.

  2. Wait ... there's a second edition of BoW? Very nice!

  3. Thanks Delta! For my part, I think the 50 points minimum per unit is a little constraining for our 200-300 point games and will probably lower it to 30 or so.