Monday, June 10, 2019

Prep Time Poll Results

On March 28 of this year, I asked on the Facebook AD&D group the following poll question: "As DM, how much preparation time do you take before a single game session?". Over the next few weeks I got 310 responses. As you can see below, a bit more than 50% answered in the range of "Hours".

In the comments/discussion attached to that poll, there were a small number of people who answered with "years", or "my whole life", which are very interesting ways to look at it, I think. :-)


  1. This is fascinating to me, as I barely spend any time at all prepping. I also like that it is probably more a matter of personal preference/fun rather than need.

  2. It is a very interesting question, poorly differentiated.

    You need to establish *categories* to avoid muddying the data.

    For example, given your campaign is in LENGTH:

    3 week
    6 week
    12 week
    24 week
    1 year

    at what rate do you meet