Dyson's Delve at Paul's Gameblog

Nothing new from me at the moment: go check out Paul's Gameblog to see what I was doing over the long holiday weekend. (Updates as Paul adds more posts this week.)


  1. Nice game, I ran this for people a few years ago. Just wondering, the Delve doesn't give a scale (although somewhere in Dyson's blog he mentions that it's less than 200×200 feet across). Did you assume 5 ft or 10 ft squares when you played it?

    1. This was described as 10-ft squares for us. I was the mapper, and intriguingly I could theorize after the first few levels that they were all on a 20x20 grid (or a bit less), confirm on the next few levels, and thereafter have good predictions for where the edges were and where we should aim further explorations.