GaryCon on Paul's Gameblog

Paul's Gameblog has really ramped up his output recently. This week he's been writing great retrospectives of his experiences at GaryCon... and since half of the time we were in the same games together, I figured I'd just get out of his way and let him tell the whole story. Here's what he has up so far:
Who knows, maybe by the time you see this he has even more postings (search for "GaryCon"). Highly recommended.

P.S. If you're not already aware, "Delta" and "Dan" are synonymous.


  1. Oh geez, did I out your real identity? I can scrub the posts to refer to you as Delta if you prefer.

    1. Not a problem in any way. I've already made that connection lots of times in different ways; just wanted to dispel any confusion when they read your stuff.