Dictionary of the Canting Crew

BE, Gent. "A new dictionary of the terms ancient and modern of the canting crew." its Several Tribes, of Gypsies, Beggars, Thieves, Cheats, &c. With an Addition of Some Proverbs, Phrases, Figurative Speeches, &c. Useful for all Sorts of People (especially Foreigners) to Secure their Money and Preserve their Lives; besides very Diverting and Entertaining, being wholly New. London, c. 1698.

(Hat tip: BJ Johnson.)


  1. *blows loud raspberry at people who say that thieves' cant is dumb or useless*

  2. Cool. Back in the 80s I found a reprint of "The dictionary of the vulgar tongue" but that was from the 1800s I think.