ChicagoWiz's Caravan Woes

ChicagoWiz wrote on his blog a few weeks back of an entertaining encounter that his wife confronted while leading a caravan through the wilderness and being attacked by a large group of giant spiders. How did he deal with this off-the-cuff as DM? Well, by grabbing Book of War and his own custom rules for lower-level heroes, inducting his wife on it on the fly, and playing things out quickly and easily (and somewhat brutally). Very cool! And very gratifying, because that kind of action that happens in classic D&D is exactly what motivated Book of War -- possible large groups of random encounters in the wilderness (esp. hundreds of men or humanoids), and wanting to resolve those fights efficiently, using the same stats that you already have in front of you for D&D without messy conversions. Glad ChicagoWiz's significant player came out on top -- this time.


  1. Thanks for kind words!

    Angie's still irked at the Chaos Mage for taking her two Dragon Stones... and for her henchmen getting cursed.

    How do you handle the killed figures and determining death? Do you do a saving throw?

    1. Right, I would tend to give a saving throw vs. death to see if a PC or other figure of interest is "really" dead or not (see BOW p. 20, last line under "Recovery").

  2. It is great that individual PCs and large groups can be handled at the same time.