Blade of Vengeance, Part 1

An attempt at minimalist game-blogging. Isabelle requested a solo adventure, and with no preparation I pulled out Dungeon Module O2, Blade of Vengeance, by Jim Bambra. This may go best if you can read along in your own copy of the adventure.

The setting: Main character is Erystelle, a near-max-level elf; using OD&D rules with my OED adjustments as usual, we'll say the PC is Ftr4/Wiz7. Has a warhorse named Stormbrow and two trained bobcats, Bob and Cat (originally wardogs, Eslin and Tarcil).
  • Erystelle returns home after years away adventuring to a scene of utmost horror; flame and smoke rising in the distance from the ancient family tree of Dorneryll. E. rides forward posthaste.
  • Encounters 4 hobgoblins on the approach trail, casts sleep on them, disposes of the bodies in underbrush.  
  • Sees 2 ogres by the bridge to the family camp. Casts magic missile and then charges across the bridge into melee. Is soundly smacked around (over half health gone) but defeats the ogres.
  • Enters the smoke-filled clearing and runs into a force of hobgoblins and dire-wolf mounted goblins. Casts lightning bolt, felling half, and the other half scatter. E. withdraws back to the bridge.
  • Casts wizard eye and scouts the blazing tree; sees many monsters fallen, but also the entirety of her extended family beaten, burned, clawed, and crushed to death. An ogre-sized hobgoblin chief and bodyguards stand with the magic weapons of E.'s father and mother. Looks at a bloody parchment, tosses it to the ground, and walks off.
  • E. casts invisibility and heads forth in person, confirms extended family all dead, picks up the blood-soaked letter (see below). Follows the hobgoblins to the nearby stables where they meet more hobgoblins and mount horses with bulging saddlebags. They ride northeast.
  • E. follows northeast; spots E's two brothers dead along the outer trail. Reaches the edge of a river where the trail peters out on hard rocks. Gets attacked by a giant flying draco lizard and puts it down. Returns to the family tree to give last rites, camp, and swear dire vengeance. 

Blood-stained letter
The bloody letter.


  1. Swearing dire vengeance is always a good choice.

  2. Thanks for sharing your system works well in converting the the Race as Class characters. I hope to see other posts about this adventure. Please show the stats of the character.

    1. Good point, I'll make a note to do that soon.