D is for Demon

Consider AD&D DMG Appendix D (p. 194-5): "Random Generation of Creatures from the Lower Planes", that is, Demons, Devils, and Daemons. The esteemed Mr. Russell Flowers made a web generator to instantly create these when you need it. I really love this tool, especially in the case of the Chaotic demon types, where you never need have two be exactly the same. That's really a legitimately good use of tablature, maintains the mystery of not knowing the whole game for players, and handles the occasional cry of "every monster should be special" with efficiency and elegance. Thanks to Russell for automating it!


  1. That's pretty cool! I remember randomly rolling up demons with my brother as a kid. We'd draw them, name them, the works.

    1. Cool! I think I did that too, at least a few times.