Blurb for Orson Scott Card

A blurb on the back cover of Orson Scott Card's novel Speaker for the Dead, on the eve of my clearing it out of my personal library:
"Card is a writer of compassion and his heart breaks for the individual men and women of good will who find themselves caught up and forced to participate in the race's homicidal crossfire." -- Washington Post Book World


  1. I've heard Orson Scott Card has a reputation as a conservative (pro-war?) but I've never looked into the allegations. Is this a comment favoring that position?


    1. Mostly I'm thinking of his writings and board memberships opposed to homosexuals and same-sex marriage (that triggered boycotts of the Ender's Game. movie, scuttled his scheduled Superman run, etc.) The "compassion and his heart breaks" line really seem ironic in retrospect.