One of the commentators here last week pointed out a website that I didn't previously know about, anydice.com. This is a product by Jasper Flick that automatically generates the distribution of any dice group you can think of, outputting the frequency-percent-table-graph, as well as summary statistics (mean, max, min, standard deviation), density probabilities for "at least" or "at most" questions, etc. Type in "output [highest 3 of 4d6]" if you want to see the 4d6-drop-lowest distribution. In fact, it's an entire programing platform where you can script calculations, formulas, functions, loops, and conditions if you like. Amazing! You should go use it and throw a donation at Jasper for his good work. I'm jealous that I didn't think of this first, but he did a better job than I could anyway. (And thanks to Jay Goodenbery for telling me about, I needed to see this!)


  1. Very nice! There is a similar tool here, which has some advantages of its own (such as increased precision of probabilities and such).

    1. Oh yeah, that's nice, thank you. Also clever is the "Send the result" by email feature.