SciFi Saturday – Frigate Modification

Among the official miniatures for the Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks game, the Frigate is supposed to be the most-used ship in the UPF Spacefleet. One problem with the official miniature is that the sculpture presents just a single engine, whereas the campaign book in the boxed set states that it should have three engines (see CB p. 11, 23, etc.). Yes, I'm a bit anal for things like this, but there's no reason we can't have some fun with it. What I decided to do was to split the difference and modify the UPF frigate so that it has at least two engines (doing this synchs it with the Sathar frigate mini, gives a bit more visual interest, and has other advantages as well).

So, I grabbed one of the separate engine pieces that come for the battleship miniature and made a two-piece rubber mold so I could cast some extra engine parts:

This is my kitchen work area with three engines cast and another one cooling in the mold:

The original engine piece from the box, and four shiny new engines hot off the stove:

Cutting off the one original engine from the official mini and prepping the two new ones:

All done, looks pretty nifty I think!