SciFi Saturday – Blown Cover Scenario

Here's a third new scenario for the Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks game. This one reverses the usual role of Sathar and UPF -- here, it is the Sathar that start in orbit around a small moon, and a UPF Assault Carrier group (with a half-full cohort of Fighters) which serves as the attacking force. Playtests have shown this to be quite difficult for the Sathar player (perhaps exacerbated by the need to switch the normal usage in the player's head, from attack to defense), but I've managed to win in that role. I won't give any more hints -- you'll have to figure out the best strategy on your own.

Remember that in our house rules, orbiting vessels move 1/2 hex per turn (one hex every other turn). And don't forget the dedicated roster sheet for Fighters, presented earlier.

Scenario Delta-3: BLOWN COVER

A task force of Sathar ships have been inserted into orbit around a small moon in the Cassadine system, hidden by the nearby asteroids and gas clouds. Here, they perform surveillance and wait for an opportune time to attack the UPF worlds. But fortunately, a UPF carrier force patrolling nearby has happened to detect them, and now quickly moves to strike.

UPF Ships
  1. UPFS McCormick (Assault Carrier with 4 Fighters)
  2. UPFS Faith (Destroyer)
  3. UPFS Shimmer (Frigate)
  4. UPFS Daring (Frigate)

Sathar Ships
  1. SAV Black Ruin (Heavy Cruiser)
  2. SAV Viper (Destroyer)
  3. SAV Venomous (Destroyer)
  4. SAV Stinger (Frigate)

Setting Up. The moon in the Cassidine system is set in the middle of the map, in hex 2720. All the Sathar ships start in orbit around it (speed 0); the Sathar ships do not all need to be in the same hex. Then the UPF ships are set up on one of the short ends of the map, traveling at a speed of 10 or less. Fighters start on the carrier. The UPF player moves first (A), and the Sathar player second (B).

Victory Conditions. The Sathar player has two ways to win. Either (a) move the Heavy Cruiser safely off the map, or (b) drive all the UPF ships off the map. Any other result counts as a UPF victory.

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