SciFi Saturday – Photo Op Scenario

Here's a second scenario for the Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks game, which you might alternatively consider as a way to let a brand-new player taste the mechanics for the first time. Thematically it duplicates the first scenario in the published rules -- tiny, nimble UPF Assault Scout and Frigate face off against a huge invading Sathar Destroyer and Heavy Cruiser. However, instead of the added complications of planet, gravity well, space station, orbiting movement, and extra rules for evacuation, I've made the situation much simpler (and probably more balanced). This game will probably be over in a flash, maybe 4 turns at most, and it's possible for either side to win without even firing their weapons.


Still in the early days of the Second Sathar War, a small UPF patrol encounters the first appearance of the new-model Sathar Heavy Cruiser and escort. Vastly outgunned, the UPF ships have specific standing orders: arrange a close fly-by of the enemy vessels and make a video recording via their hull-mounted camera systems. The resulting data could be strategically useful for the rest of the war.

UPF Ships
  1. UPFS Daring (Frigate)
  2. UPFS Starpacer (Assault Scout)

Sathar Ships
  1. SAV Grim Reaper (Heavy Cruiser)
  2. SAV Pernicious (Destroyer)

Setting Up. Each force is set up on opposite short ends of the map, traveling at a speed of 10 or less. Otherwise the map is just empty space. Roll dice to determine which player sets up and moves first.

Victory Conditions. If the UPF player can fly a ship through the same hex as both Sathar vessels, and then safely exit the map, then the UPF player has won (these can be separate ships, but then both must exit the map safely). If the UPF player does this with just one ship, then the game is a draw. If the Sathar vessels can prevent this from happening and exit the map from the opposite edge, then the Sathar player is the victor.

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