Super Saturday: Thor Puzzler #1

You may know that Thor (in his early era) had a vulnerability in that, if he lost his grip on his magic hammer for more than 60 seconds, he then turned back into the mortal doctor Don Blake. Today's question -- When this accident occurred, did the hammer turn back into a walking stick, or not?

Answer: Sometimes yes.

And sometimes no.

The last page above is particularly interesting. Expect to see it a few more times.

("Yes" pages from JIM/Thor #106, 109, 153, 181. "No" pages from JIM/Thor #83, 88, 183, 194. Plot/writer Stan Lee [except Gerry Conway #194]. Penciler Jack Kirby [except Neal Adams #181, John Buscema #183, 194]. Dates 1962-1971.)

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