I had a rather garbled post "On Pikes" appear today -- I'd written a very rough draft, then went on a trip for the weekend and forgot when it was scheduled -- that I just took down. Hopefully I can clean that up to what I intended and have it visible again in a few days. Those of you who wrote (extensive!) comments, I saved all of those and I'll re-post them myself with the "real" article (or remove them if you wish, based on the new context). Sorry about that!


  1. Dammit. I was trying to get to the pikes post and you removed it before I had a chance to read it!

    Basic D&D + spear/polearm/pike rules = a personal favorite interest of mine.

  2. Pikes and polearms are the favourite instruments of death of my old players. And me. So I codified house rules for pikes here.
    Am still eagerly waiting for your revised post, the old one is still available on the google reader feed :)