OED Update (v0.6)

Just updated the Original Edition Delta house rules today to Version 0.6 (see sidebar for link). First, some tweaks to language and grammar (which I think I'll always be engaged in). Primary rules edits were:
  1. Demi-humans: Gave dwarves & halflings base 9" move (after observing monster move rates in Chainmail, OD&D, AD&D, and Gygax quote on Dragonsfoot in 2005). Gave elves infravision (per Chainmail table p. 43), removed attack bonus for orcs/goblins.
  2. Missile Weapons: Removed range modifiers for short indoor usage, as per recent investigation. Set composite bows to 18" and noted usage from horseback (per Chainmail). Gave slings 12" range and use every other round.
  3. Combat Modifiers: Added a short section on modifiers. Horsemen attack at +1 vs foot, rear attacks +2, silent rear attacks +4, helpless targets auto-hit for max damage (taken from Chainmail, Sup-I, and AD&D DMG).

If you can read an ODF file, you'll see the sidebar notes, et. al., here.

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