More Hit Dice Stats

In the prior post, I presented some numbers for the average hits required to take down different HD creatures. Of course, that was done by random simulation, so it will have some small amount of sampling error in the numbers. I wanted to double-check these numbers with a closed-formula, direct probability calculation. Even that takes some heavy-duty processing power (with permutations, combinations, convolutions, and such). Fortunately, it turns out that the numbers do in fact check out very nicely. Exact statistics and code below if you're interested. 

Hit Die Equivalence TableAgain, this illustrates what I call the "Packing Problem" for classic RPG and wargame hit values: low-hit types more frequently waste overkill hits and damage from attackers, while high-hit types are taking full damage, effectively reducing the value of their manifest high hit points.

Spreadsheet version of table (ODS).

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    Would love to have you poke your head in.